Last summer changed my life. I accepted a teaching job in France when I only knew about five French words, three of which (I soon found out) were actually curse words. Throughout my time working with the students, I began to understand and navigate their social norms, even in face of an often daunting language barrier. That job challenged me in unimaginable ways, but I finished the summer hungry for more. To say I was heartbroken to leave is an understatement.

My passion for teaching might only be rivaled by my desire to travel and experience new cultures. Working in Europe afforded me the ease of travel to lands I’d only seen in National Geographic. In total, I visited seven countries this summer, each life changing in their own ways. Most significantly, for me, was the time I spent with the locals in Sri Lanka. Their unrelenting happiness in the face of interminable poverty changed my perspective. In reality, the way I view my entire life.

So I’m ready for a shift. I want to make a difference, a real difference, both inside and outside of the classroom. If you view my teaching resume, you will see that I have been teaching my entire adult life. Although teaching college composition presents its own challenges and, honestly, is downright fun most days, I’m interested in adjusting my focus to a younger generation to inspire the kind of change that can only happen in the formative years. Moreover, throughout my education I studied to become a multimedia journalist. Living in such a technologically driven world, those writing and specialized skills have become invaluable to me. It makes me a more dynamic cog in the workplace, able to multitask and learn new skills quickly.

As my writing portfolio shows, I’ve spent most of my freelance work covering feature stories. Pure and simple, I love people. I feel a connectedness with humans that reflects throughout my personal and professional life.

When I’m not writing, I like to play cards with friends, especially Euchre. I’m a lover of all things Harry Potter and I enjoy sipping cups of tea in the afternoon.

So if you feel like your organization’s values meet mine, drop me an email. I’m hoping to be settled in my new home (wherever that may be) by the 2015 school year.