Yes, I know I skipped week 12, but the topic was forced perspective and my pictures were terrible! I’ll make it up one of these weeks. Anyway, for this week’s theme of sports I chose to use a couple of pictures from a Norfolk Tides game that I attended. Trying to get the top shot made me appreciate the difficulty of a sports photographer’s job. I was very excited to actually get a shot with a ball in the frame. Sports is not only about the players, but about the crowd too. That’s why I included the bottom photo. I love all of the colors in both photos! View my┬ácover sheet to see my other top picks for this week.


The theme of summer is very broad. I tried a few things this week, but nothing trumped the photos I took few weeks ago of my mom playing in the pool with my niece. In the top picture, they are both giggling as they spin in the pool. I might like the bottom picture even more. My niece was looking directly into the camera and although I didn’t capture her whole body, the water wings and inflatable tube tell the story of a 2-year-old enjoying her summer spent in the pool. I even entered it to become a Jones soda label. If you like it, vote for it! If you want to see more photo possibilities for this week, view my cover sheet.