still life.

This week’s theme was still life. I wanted to steer clear of the traditional fruit in a bowl set-up so I challenged myself by photographing glass. It was extremely difficult to get just the right lighting to make the bowl sparkle and not reflect lights, fans, or me! The bowl is made from Italian glass and the sphere was made by local artists who added baking soda to hot glass to give the bubble effect. I used the Creative Auto setting on my Cannon Rebel EOS T3 to achieve the blurred background (slightly bokeh effect). I also liked how the sphere has a slight reflection on the bowl. I used Photoshop to take a chair out of the background and I cropped it slightly, but otherwise no other effects were added to the photograph.

I took 98 photos to get this one just right. View my contact sheet with my other top picks of this shoot (all the images are un-edited).


5 thoughts on “still life.

  1. Since you are doing this not only to explore your own creativity, but also to learn, allow me to critique your photos each week!

    First of all, this is awesome, Amanda. Really, really nice. The ambiguity of the items makes for an interesting photo. Good job with the composition; you used the rule of thirds perfectly. Lovely focus, and I support the bokeh effect. I would like to see other photos from this shoot if you’d be so kind as to throw together a contact sheet. If you have Picasa, select like 6 of your other favorites from this project, hit the Collage button, and change the type of collage to Contact Sheet.

    The only advice I have for you regarding this photo is something I would not have said except that you said you photoshopped out a chair. My dear Amanda, this is still life. It is not going anywhere. You have the time, and the ability, I would think, to move the chair. Whenever you have the ability to set up a photo as a photographer, you should do so to prevent unnecessary post-processing. You have to learn to see the photo as it is being created. Your best shots will be ones that you don’t feel you have to do anything to. (<– this advice is not about the chair being photoshopped out, btw.)

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks for all the comments! I was worried that this was going to be too abstract. I know I should have moved the chair, but I took 98 photos of this setup to get it just right. I was focused on glare, not chairs. None the less, you are right, I should have been more concerned with my surrounds. I took a few that brought out the deep wood color that the bowl was sitting on and a few that made the bowl look more like water than glass, but I liked the color combination of this one; I’ll but together a contact sheet and send it to you.

      • Thanks for sharing your contact sheet! I like the one on the upper right in which the bowl has kind of a watery look. But I think you really did well in choosing which of your shots was best.

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