I visited Norfolk Botanical Gardens today to complete the botanical challenge for this week. Two hours and 476 pictures later I found myself with many viable candidates for this week’s challenge. In fact, this week’s contact sheet is a little out of control, but I would love feedback about my flower photos. All the photos are unedited with the exception of one or two being slightly cropped. Interestingly enough, the photo I chose was a quick shot I snapped at the Norfolk Zoo a couple of weeks ago. The flowers are called fire torches, but they look like something that belongs in a Dr. Seuss book.


3 thoughts on “botanical.

  1. While I do appreciate the photo you chose to showcase, I must say that I love (and you know I don’t use that lightly) second page, bottom left AND fourth page bottom right. There are others on your contact sheets that I like a lot, too. But those two take the cake for me. Kudos for finding a way to get underneath a rosebush! Great angle! And the simplicity of the color and subject? Gawh. So good. My favorite hands down.

    I remember when I got my camera last summer and went to the gardens in Norfolk. I think I managed almost as many photos and you said I was nuts! But now you know, don’t you?

    P.S. The more common name for the plant you have shown is the Torch Lily.

    • hahaha I keep saying fire torches! Even though I’ve been corrected about a billion times. So yes, torch lily. And I was torn between that rose one that you like so much and the purple flower with the bee flying in action (second page bottom right) and the one I chose. The colors really sold me on this one in the end. The colors of the flowers, the bright green background and the blue sky peeking through. I think I’ll make a botanical slideshow to feature somewhere on this site. Thanks for all of the comments!

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