I had a lot of promising photos for this week’s theme. I ended up choosing a photo of the mast and rigging of a large sailboat named the American Rover. I love the beautiful blue background; the skies have been so lovely the past couple of weeks! Check out my contact sheet to view my other top picks for the week.


One thought on “up.

  1. This is a nice photo. I wish it was a hair sharper. I realize that you were on a boat and there is obviously some wind involved. However, if you haven’t read the first chapter of your Scott Kelby book yet, I recommend doing so (as soon as I relinquish it back into your possession…)

    Really, I’m just being picky. Composition is great. Color is excellent. Subject is good. Fore-, mid-, and background.

    I could pick apart your contact sheet if you’d like!
    First of all, you were taking pictures regarding “up” and not once did you turn your camera on its side and take photos vertically? It would have saved that church photo.
    Just because you want the focus of the picture to be the masts in the marina doesn’t mean you have to leave the dock entirely out of the frame. The masts will still be the focus of your photo.
    Good focus on the clouds! They look great! I also commend you for moving the horizon to the bottom rather than sticking it in the center. However, landscape photos need a foreground and midground. Period.

    Words of wisdom!

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