I had the same trouble this week as I did last week. I took a photo with a camera other than my DSLR that fits this week’s theme. Last week it was my iPod touch and this week it is a Fuji film underwater camera. The top photo was obviously taken with the underwater camera. My friend Chase (pictured) and I spent last summer exploring all of the natural springs in Central Florida. This photo was taken at Silver Glen Springs in Ocala, FL. While the photo is darker in some spots than I’d like it, I really enjoyed the subject of Chase swimming into a school of fish. I brightened and slightly sharpened this photo using Photoshop.

I took the bottom picture with my Cannon Rebel T3 this weekend at the Florida Aquarium. I love how the little girl seems fascinated by the fish at their feeding time. I also took many other photos of the sea life at the aquarium and they are the bulk of my cover sheet for this week.


2 thoughts on “underwater.

  1. You got a good puffer pic! Congrats! And it’s at an interesting angle, too. Bonus points.
    I like your little girl picture on the contact sheet even better than this one. Not sure exactly why. Probably just the proportions and negative space.
    Having random children in your photo didn’t turn out to be such a bad thing, eh?

    • I love the face on the puffer! I went back and forth between the two photos for a long time. I chose this one because of her expression, she just looked more curious. I like the other one too but for different reasons (like the size of the tank makes the girl seem so little).

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