koala cuddlesIn May, I quit my academic job to travel the world. I traded in my textbooks for guidebooks and my briefcase for a backpack. I sold my possession, bought a one-way ticket, and haven’t looked back. So far, I’ve learned more about communication and teaching than I ever thought possible.

Quite simply, teaching is my passion. If you view my teaching resume, you’ll see that I’ve been an educator my entire adult life. Much of my university teaching experience deals with deconstructing and analyzing culture; so it’s probably not surprising to learn that my other passion lies in traveling and exploring new cultures.

While I have a passion for teaching, I have a curiosity for research. Now, more than ever, I’m concerned about the amount of media millennials consume. Since society increasingly projects themselves in a digital media format, this calls for an examination of the relationship between new media and the definition of self. Specifically, I’m interested in researching how having constant access to technology across multiple platforms is affecting this generation’s collective identity; when the technologies we use to communicate are really the devices that isolate us from the people in the same room.

Undoubtedly, traveling has changed my perspective and, in turn, how I connect with my students and colleagues. I’ve navigated in and out of cultural norms and rarely had the right currency in my pocket to pay for my coffee. Honestly, most of my year has been an elaborate game of charades where I try to communicate my needs. Moreover, reading non-verbal cues and finding patience to restate my point are skills I now excel at, skills that will directly translate to teaching and learning at my future academic institution.

I have a long list of accomplishments, but the one I’m most proud of is the number of stamps in my passport. I hope to never stop exploring. Never stop learning. And although I never imagined I’d be the one at the front of the classroom, teaching is most fulfilling job I have ever had and I look forward to continuing my growth as an instructor.

When I’m not writing, I like to play cards with friends, especially Euchre. I’m a lover of all things Harry Potter and I enjoy sipping cups of tea in the afternoon.

So if you feel like your organization’s values meet mine, drop me an email. I’m hoping to be settled in my new home (wherever that may be) by the 2016 school year.